Beyond UC: Ca Unemployment Rates, CSU deals with budget cuts

Poor unemployment rates in California

If you are wondering how the economy will look after you graduate, it may be best not to get your hopes up. Yesterday the University of the Pacific’s Business Forecasting Center believes that the unemployment rate will stay above 10 percent for three more years and that there will not be any job growth until the end of 2011. But on the bright side California is making steps to improve the economy by making 255,000 jobs by next year, three times as many made in 2010. But because of the population growth, these new jobs will not lower the unemployment rate.

Read more about the economy here:

CSU’s response to budget cuts

A long with the UC’s 500 million dollar budget cut, the California State Universities are also dealing with the same massive cut to their education. Leaders and chancellors believe that what will have to be cut is ultimately the enrollment. Cal State Long Beach President, F. King Alexander, believes that education is an investment that the state is taking for granted. The CSUs will have to look to layoffs and pay cuts in order to provide their students with a good education.

Read more to see how CSULB is handling the cuts:


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