Beyond UC: Brown responds to criticism; Fee increases at CSU

Governor Responds to Budget Cut Criticism

As most of you know Governor Jerry Brown has cut 500 million dollars out of the UC budget, as well as other deep cuts throughout the state in order to balance the budget. On Wednesday Brown addressed the criticisms of his budget plan to close the deficit over the next 18 months. Brown believes that heavy cuts now for a relatively short while will benefit California more than smaller cuts over a longer period of time. Brown met with nine mayors from California’s major cities to discuss the elimination of redevelopment agencies.

Read more about the Governor’s defense here:

CSU Doctorate degrees increase

Students planning to receive their education doctorate at a California State University will see an increase in tuition this year. On Wednesday the Cal State Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition 10% at 11 CSU campuses. The tuition will round out $10,500 as a response to the budget cuts. This comes right after a 5% fee increase for undergraduates.

Read more about the increase here:


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