Campus 101

UCR Combines Research and Community Outreach
The Undergraduate Research in the Community office at the University of California—Riverside seeks to connect undergraduate students to the surrounding community.   Different aims of programs within the department include outreach to high school students, educating grade-school children in photography and society, helping survivors of violence through martial arts, and scientific research of urban horticulture—all within the community.

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Irvine 11
More than 50 students protest against criminal charges that Irvine 11 may face for their 2010 disruption of the Israeli ambassador’s speech.  Many feel that criminal charges would be inappropriate.

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UCLA Receives Donation of $100 million
The donation made by Meyer and Renee Luskin is the second largest in UCLA’s history.  Half of the money will go to the school of Public Affairs and the other half  (which has caused some controversy) will support the construction of an on-campus hotel and conference center.

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In Bad Taste
UC Irvine dining hall serves chicken and waffles during Martin Luther King Jr. symposium.  The BSU filed a formal complaint.  University officials say that the last-minute menu change was made by cafeteria staff and was not sanctioned by the university.  The university acknowledges that the choice was insensitive.

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