UC 411

Federal Funding for science research will continue flowing for next year

With President Obama’s spending plan for 2012, the federal government will continue to give money for science research. Obama’s budget “affirmed the protected status for science and research amid calls to cut back on spending and reduce deficits” and plans on using billions of additional dollars toward research in the fields of energy, information technology, engineering mathematics, and science.

Read the full story:  http://www.insidehighereducation.com/news/2011/02/15/obama_s_budget_spares_science_research_from_the_axe

The search for the 2012-2013 Student Regent begins

As applications for the UC Student Regent for the year of 2012-2013 are now being accepted, the UC Student Regent Jesse Cheng and Regent-designate Alfredo Mireles met with students and staff at UC Santa Barbara to discuss the application process for the coming year’s Student Regent. “According to Cheng, being a Student Regent is like having a full-time job; Regents often work forty or more hours a week. But Student Regents receive certain benefits including waived tuition, reimbursement for travel to meetings, and an office at his or her home campus”

Read more: http://thebottomline.as.ucsb.edu/2011/02/the-search-for-the-next-uc-student-regent-begins


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