Beyond UC: Local Priority of CSU; CSU and UC works together

Local Priority for CA School

Previously, Californian students that were qualified have always been able to rely on their priority admission to their local CSU, but San Diego State University has started turning away local students that were qualified this year in order to accept students that were the “best and brightest”. This has caused the Legislative Analyst’s Office of California to ask for the state schools to guarantee the enrollment of local qualified students. In their report they state that providing local access to eligible students is a higher priority than the having equal admissions.

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UC and CSU work together

Professors and Students from both the University of California and California State University have come together to work on a funded project over California’s Agricultural problems, including North Coast job development, improved irrigation practices, and new technology to treat dairy cows. Neal Van Alfen, dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis, believes that these projects show that the collaborative spirit of the California public colleges and hopes that they will produce rapid results for our agricultural problems.

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