Beyond UC: CA jobs, Jerry Brown visits CCs

California Labor Market

California’s labor market is bad news for students graduating in the next couple years. Graduates searching for a job might have a hard time, with unemployment rates not cracking down until early 2013. According to a UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, the California labor market is moving slower than previously predicted. Many economists worry that the sluggish growth will mean losing out jobs to other states, such as Texas.

Learn more about it here:,0,6693833.story

Jerry Brown on Community College Proposition.

To Tax or To Cut? That is the question. On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown met with Community College Chancellor, Jack Scott, to discuss his latest proposal to extend taxes so community colleges do not have to face cuts of up to $800 million. In June, Brown will ask Californians to vote to either approve a five-year extension in taxes or to double the CC’s cuts. Brown also discussed creating a transfer path for community colleges to the University of California. He pledged that he would get the University of California Board of Regents to form a partnership between the California Community Colleges and the UCs.

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