Beyond UC: Brown’s Spending dilemma; Cal State responds to Budget

Budget Debates

Republicans and Democrats are debating over the spending cap for California to avoid tax increase extensions. Republicans want spending to increase no faster than the rate of inflation and population growth, with extra money going primarily to reserves and debt repayment. Democrats differ; they believe that the restrictions would stop spending on necessary expenditures that ensures the state’s ability to pay for future needs. Brown has rejected permanent “hard spending cap,” and Republicans responded with a temporary hard cap, with exemptions in education k-12 and community college. This proposal could affect cal state and university spending and could mean even more cuts.

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Cal State Schools Respond to Budget Woes

This past week the Panetta Institute held an important discussion about protecting education for California students. CSU Chancellor, Charles Reed, Los Angles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and former CA Superintendent of Schools, Jack O’Connell gathered to discuss California’s budget cuts and their relation to the future of higher education. They answered questions from high school students concerned about the budget cuts and proposition 13. Reed expressed his concern with the budget cuts when he stated “Here’s the most powerful country in the world, and there are two things I worry about: jobs for our citizens and education for our children. We’re fighting three wars and we can’t seem to get our priorities right”

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