Beyond UC: Community and Private Colleges deal with Cuts

California CC faculty speaks out

UCs are not the only ones that feel the pressures of a campus in financial crisis, the California community colleges are also upset over the budget cuts, and the faculty is speaking out. With the threats of the budget cuts, more students are considering out-of-state colleges, and the over 400 million dollar threatened budget cuts, many are worried about the decline of the CC system. The faculty Association of California Community Colleges release a statement on Wednesday saying that CCs will have to cancel classes, deny students, and layoff faculty, and will be destroying the best source of work force California has.

Read what else the faculty has to say here:

Private Colleges feel the State budget heat

On Thursday the president of Saint Mary’s college reported to the community that the state budget cuts harm private colleges as well. More and more students are applying to private schools because they are concerned about not getting admitted, and not getting classes at the UCs and state colleges. And more students are in need of financial aid, like the Cal Grant, which is in jeopardy due to the cuts. This puts large financial pressure on the private colleges. Many private universities are making large cuts as well and have to adjust their enrollment numbers.

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One response to “Beyond UC: Community and Private Colleges deal with Cuts

  1. MIlan Moravec

    Spend thrift campus chancellors whether at private or public universities must be dismissed. University of California Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau($500,000 salary) spends $300,000 for ex Michigan Governor lecture and $3,000,000 on consultants to do the WORK of his job and the WORK of his many vice-chancellors.
    Pink slip University of California Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau honorably: NOW

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