Campus 101: Discrimination at UCSD; No Cuts For UCM

UCSD employees protest discriminatory policies

Clerical and allied services workers gathered together at the annual Clinton Global Initiative University meeting on Friday to protest the universities discriminatory policies against them. The workers, most who are single female minorities, have been protesting for over three years that the University payment policies have caused serious financial burdens, and hope to make a contract with the University promoting equal wages. The university has made new contracts and wage increases across the state to other employees, and the Clerical and allied services workers feel as if they are being left out in a discriminatory way.

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No Reductions for UC Merced

With the 500 million proposed budget cuts President Yudof assigned each campus target reductions in order to save money. This means that hundreds will be laid off, classes will be cut, enrollment will go down, and student funding will diminish, but not for UC Merced. The newest and smallest campus was not assigned any reductions in order to support its growing campus. UC Merced has stated that they will still make efforts to use their resources wisely and efficiently, including delaying new staff and purchases. Yudof stated that the quality of education for the UC is nonnegotiable. Hopefully these cuts won’t diminish the UCs quality.

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