Beyond UC

Fee Hikes in Arizona
After having their cost of education triple over the past three years, University of Arizona students are opposed to a 47% proposed increase for the next school year.  Students are demanding transparency (the right to know how the money is being allocated) as well as increased student input as to how funds will be spent.
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Brevity is wit for some educators
In the new technology era, educators are finding ways to adapt their teaching styles to accommodate and take advantage of the change.  Andy Selsberg of John Jay College gives students short assignments as opposed to the traditional five-paragraph essay and the research paper.  He argues that by assigning two-sentence responses to one-page responses in creative ways (such as writing Amazon reviews for the course textbooks) that the student becomes more “economical and innovative with language.”
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Rate of low-income college students in decline
Officials point to changing pell grant requirements and students’ decisions to stay local to explain the decline and stagnation of low-income student enrollment in the nation’s 50 wealthiest schools.
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