UC 411: Double the Tuition; New UC online program

Double Tuition if Tax Plan Fails

Although Jerry Brown’s budget seems all bad for the UC, if it doesn’t pass
it could potentially be a lot of worse. On Wednesday Brown warned that if
Republicans keep fighting his tax increase plans and went with the
all-cuts budget plan, the UC undergraduate fees could reach up to $25,000
a year! Although this seems like an extreme measure everything will be on
the table if the budget cuts double. Brown hopes that the two parties can
come together and find common ground on the California’s budget.


UC funds controversial online program

On Thursday the UC will move forward with a controversial online program
after taking a $6.9 million loan and a $748,000 grant from the Next
Generation Learning Challenges programs. This money will fund the UC
Online Instruction Pilot project, which will create 29 online instruction
courses which may be available as soon as fall of 2011. Many are doubtful
of the success of the program, with similar programs at The University of
Illinois failing economically and educationally. Representatives of the
program have designed the courses with these problems in mind and unlike
the failed programs believe the courses will be a success due to the fully
involved faculty.

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