Jesse’s Jab: Can You Hear Us Now?? Free Concert In Front of the LA Gov. Office

I’m a little late on posting this – but UCLA’s Undergraduate Student Association Council (undergraduate student government) is hosting a free concert this Thursday, to mobilize students and draw attention to the oncoming budget cuts to higher education within Sacramento’s public budget for the upcoming year.

It looks like they’re shutting down the blocks (legally) in front of the Governor’s office in Los Angeles to host the concert.  Rapper Thurz of U-N-I and artists Trek Life and Rob Roy are performing, along with local acts.  The goal is to bring out the student voice to politicians and the public to rally for higher education.

So it sounds like a lot of fun, and definitely a big push in the student movement for the (UC) spring quarter.  Check out their website, and come out!!  Their description of the event is below:

In light of recent budget cuts and fee increases, student government offices and student organizations are organizing an event called Can You Hear Us Now that is a not-for-profit concert bringing together politicians, artists, speakers and students to rally for higher education. Just this year, the UC Regents passed the fourth consecutive fee increase in the past two years, and as a further blow, Governor Jerry Brown recently released his budget proposal, initiating a massive $500 million cut to the University of California. Thus, as students we will act to revive student empowerment and fight for the affordable, diverse educational experience the students of California deserve.

Already confirmed artists include U-N-I, Trek Life, and even more artists to come!

The event is on April 14, 2011 from 1230PM to 330pm and we will be shutting down the 300 block on S. Spring Street in front of Governor Brown’s Los Angeles office. Transportation will be provided for UCLA students leaving UCLA at 11am and leaving from downtown LA by 4pm, meaning students will have to devote this day to rally for higher education rights.

Get Involved:

  1. Spread the word: Forward this to your listserves and direct people to our website or our Facebook page to learn more.
  2. Tweet or Facebook @LupeFiasco the following message: I’m a UC Student and I say Perform at Can You Hear Us Now!! #thisbudgetisafiasco. He’s really close to coming..just needs that extra push!

With the magnitude of this event, we hope the state government will take notice of this serious issue and the students and citizens of California will finally be heard.



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