UC 411: Unethical UC Regents; UC getting rid of research

Petition against UC Regents

A group of UC Berkeley students have started a petition last spring demanding that California’s Attorney General look in to the allegations that some UC Regents are using their position unethically. The petition currently has 257 signatures and accuses former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and UC Regents Richard Blum, and Paul Wachter of making UC decisions for personal financial gain. The UC administrators currently deny the claims and UC Vice President Charles Robinson believes that the petition largely ignored the University’s explanations. The author of the Petition, Peter Bryne, claims that Richard Blum worked with his unions and his senator wife to manipulate the UC system’s investments to benefit his own.

Read who else is accused here: http://www.dailynexus.com/2011-04-14/uc-regents-face-ethics-allegations/

To research or to not research

That is the question, which could potentially take the UC out of the budget crisis. Legislative analyst Mac Taylor made a radical suggestion to the Senate’s budget committee last week to eliminate the research aspect at some University of California campuses. He explained that some could maintain their research, while others could simply become liberal arts colleges that run more cheaply. He explains that by doing this the UC could focus its research, so they are not duplicating the same thing at each of the 10 campuses. The campuses most likely to be targeted are the smaller campuses, such as the newest addition UC Merced. While this provocative suggestion goes against the UC’s master plan, lets be realistic, who is following that thing anyway?



2 responses to “UC 411: Unethical UC Regents; UC getting rid of research

  1. i think you might want to clarify: we think peter byrne is an alum and a reporter/publisher, not a student.

    and isn’t charles robinson – in addition to being vice president- also UC general counsel?

  2. also, wasn’t the master plan intended to be a twenty year plan that would be reviewed after the first twenty years ? we are all decades late on that front!

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