UC 411

“The slow dismantling of the greatest university system in the world”
A 500 million cut to the University of California budget has already been announced.  Without tax extensions, the governor will have to announce more cuts.  Without tax extentsions, annual UC tuition could become 20,000 to 25,000.  A decade ago, a student could attend UCLA on 3,700.   Some, like UC Chancellors, fear that further cuts to the university will lead to the deterioration of the UC system.
Read more: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-block-uc-20110417,0,1984529.story

More out-of-state students
The University of California admitted 72, 432 freshmen for the 2011-2012 school year.  Out of those freshmen, 18% are out-of-state students.  Out-of-state tuition is higher than in-state tuition and the admittance of out-of-state freshmen could generate more revenue for the University.  This amount is an increase of 4% than last year’s out-of-state admitted applicants.

Read more: http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_17874465?nclick_check=1


One response to “UC 411

  1. Cal. Chancellor’s gross over spending, poor decisions: recruits out of state $50,000 tuition students that displace qualified Californians; pays ex Michigan governor $300,000 for lectures; Latino enrollment drops while out of state jumps 2010; tuition to Return on Investment (ROI) drops below top 10; NCAA places basketball program on probation.

    Chancellor Birgeneau’s ($500,000 salary) fiscal track record is dismal indeed. He would like to blame the politicians, since they stopped giving him every dollar asked for, & the state legislators do share some responsibility for the financial crisis. But not in the sense he means.

    A competent chancellor would have been on top of identifying inefficiencies & then crafting a plan to fix them. Able oversight by the UC Board of Regents and the legislature would have required him to provide data on inefficiencies and on what steps he was taking to solve them during his 8 year reign. Instead, every year Birgeneau would request a budget increase, the timid regents would agree to it, and the legislature would provide. The hard questions were avoided by all concerned, & the problems just piled up to $150 million of inefficiencies….until there was no money left.

    It’s not that Birgeneau was unaware that there were, in fact, waste & inefficiencies during his 8 year reign. Faculty & staff raised issues with Birgeneau & Breslauer ($400,000 salary), but when they failed to see relevant action taken, they stopped. Finally, Birgeneau engaged some expensive ($3,000,000) consultants to tell him & the Provost what they should have known as leaders or been able to find out from the bright, engaged people. (Prominent east-coast University accomplishing same at 0 costs)

    Cal. has been badly damaged. Good people are loosing their jobs. Cal’s leadership is either incompetent or culpable. Merely cutting out inefficiencies does not have the effect desired. But you never want a crisis to go to waste.

    Increasing Cal’s budget is not enough. Take aim at the real source of Cal’s fiscal, & leadership crisis; honorably retire Chancellor Birgeneau, Provost Breslauer.

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