Campus 101: More Research for Merced; UC Riverside drops in enrollment

UC Merced Still Growing

Even with the state in economic turmoil, and the UC system dealing with
harsh budget cuts, UC Merced has no trouble finding research money for their college. This success can be attributed to the fact that UC Merced
has a growing number of faculty members who are young and establishing their careers. Samuel J. Traina, vice chancellor of research and graduate studies at UC Merced, stated “A number of our faculty are relatively young. It takes two to three years to get their programs established. Their success rate and capacity increases as they spend time on the job.” Currently some research includes maintaing sustainable jellyfish fisheries.
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UC Riverside enrollment falls

Fewer Californians are enrolling in to UCs with a drop of 2 percent
statewide, but UC Riverside is seeing an even bigger fall, with a huge 14
percent drop. The UC blames admissions standards, fee increases, and the recession for the reason of the decline in admissions. Fortunately out of state enrollment is up 56 percent, which will soften the blow quite a bit, and help fund UCR with the much higher out-of-state tuition.

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