Campus 101: Berkeley Hunger Strike; UC Davis fights Obesity

Hunger Strike at UC Berkeley continues

Channeling old school protest techniques, 12 students at UC Berkeley have started a hunger strike to protest the consolidation of three UC Berkeley social science departments. They gathered today outside of California Hall with their supporters as they continue their strike for the second day. The strikers camped out on Tuesday afternoon and stayed until UCPD gave them a disbursement order early Wednesday morning. They returned Wednesday morning to start a rally of about 40 people to hear speeches and garner support. Five delegates were sent to meet with administrators, but negotiations were unsolved. Protesters plan to continue with bigger rallies on Friday.

UC Berkeley starts a new Biology Institute

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will partner up the UC Berkeley to create a new institute that will engineer cells and biological systems to find new discoveries in health, and energy. The center will develop drugs to treat disease and methods to transport biofuels from plants. UC professors Adam Arkin and Douglas Clark will direct the institute.

UC Davis fights childhood obesity

UC Davis professor, Adela de la Torre has been awarded $4.8 million in order to develop methods that would help Mexican-heritage children fight obesity. The Central Valley has a very high rate of children suffering from obesity and type 2 diabetes. These rates are due to the economic factors within rural populations where “parents working many hours are fatigued when it comes to feeding children the right types of food.” With the first lady, Michelle Obama, focusing on her mission to fight childhood obesity, it is a good sign that the UC is on board.


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