Campus 101: Paraplegic will walk; UC Workers Protest

Campus 101:
UC Medical Workers Protest
Workers at UC San Diego Medical Center protested outside the hospital
yesterday for negotiations between the University of California and the
labor unions that represents them. About 50 employees gathered to take
part in this state-wide protest. Their main concerns are the cuts in
pensions, the rise in health care premiums, and pay cuts. Diane Klein, a
spokeswoman at the university’s Oakland headquarters, says that the claim
of pay cuts are not true; reporting that a recent study found that the
AFSCME represented service workers is 18 percent higher than counterparts
in other institutions with the same jobs.

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UC Berkeley Engineers helps student walk at graduation

Austin Whitney will be able to walk across the stage at his UC Berkeley
graduation ceremony, a rite of passage for any student completing their
journey through college, but this walk will be extra special with Whitney
being a paraplegic since 2007. Engineering professor Homayoon Kazerooni
and his team of graduate students have created an exoskeleton that will
give Whitney the ability to stand and walk. This new development truly
validates the UCs place as a dominant research university. But to Whitney
this is not just a technological advancement; it is the chance to finally
meet eye to eye with his professors, and to stand proud.

Learn more about this inspirational story here:


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