Beyond UC: Governor’s new Tax plan; Cal State considers major tuition increase

Extra Money Goes to Schools

On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown stated that although the economy is on the mend, there is still a $10 billion budget hole that needs to be closed by tax extensions. He also stated that tax revenue would be $6.6 billion more than expected. Brown proposed to use the extra tax revenue to lessen his tax hike proposal and increase K-12 school funding by $3 billion. Brown also state he is confidant that he can reach a budget agreement with republicans by the due date of the spending plan in June. There are no changes to UC or California State budget, but Brown warns that if the tax extension does not pass, each would face an additional $500 million cut.

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Cal State prepares radical plan

On Tuesday officials from the California State University that they are considering a radical plan including huge tuition hikes and enrollment reductions in response to potentially receiving a $1 billion budget cut from the state. Brown warned the state that if the tax extensions do not pass, an additional $500 million slash to state funding would be added, doubling the cuts the Cal State is facing. If this happens the tuition for undergraduates would rise 42% next year, instead of the 10% already planned. Cal state may also use waiting lists for winter and spring enrollment next year until the budget cuts are finalized.

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One response to “Beyond UC: Governor’s new Tax plan; Cal State considers major tuition increase

  1. Milan Moravec

    Deep budget cuts curb tuition increases at University of California 10 campuses. As Californians face foreclosure, unemployment & depressed wages it’s about time that the timid UC Board of Regents & President showed some leadership by curbing UC costs, particularly wages & benefits. The UC system is not untouchable. As a Californian, I don’t care what others earn at private & public universities. If the wages are better elsewhere, UCOP, chancellors, vice chancellors, tenured & non tenured faculty should apply for the positions. If wages keep UC paid employees committed to UC, leave for the better paying job. Talented, ambitious employees will be promoted to the vacancies. The sky will not fall at UC. California suffers from the worst deficit in modern times. UC wages & benefits must reflect California’s ability to pay, not what others are paid. UCOP, campus chancellors, vice chancellors, tenured & non-tenured faculty are replaceable by like or more talented individuals.
    What we do to curb tuition increases:
    18 percent reduction in UCOP salaries & $50 million cut.
    18 percent prune of campus chancellors’, vice chancellors’ salaries.
    15 percent trim of tenured faculty salaries, increased teaching load
    10 percent decrease in non-tenured faculty salaries, as well as increase research, teaching load
    100% elimination of all Academic Senate costs, wages.

    A rose bush blooms after pruning.

    The UC Board of Regents can show leadership by bridging the trust gap with the public by offering reassurances that UC salaries reflect the depressed wages of California. Everyone is replaceable at the UC system. The sky has not, & will not fall. Californians are reasonable people. Levy no new taxes until an approved balanced budget: let the Governor & Legislature make the tough-minded (not cold hearted) decisions of elected leadership. Then come to the public for specified, continuing or new taxes. Thanking you in advance for your partnership & for standing up for all Californians & University of California system

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