Tk 1 – What We Talkin’ Bout – Commission on the Future Mtg

Yeah Yeah What we talkin’ bout real s***/
Or we talkin’ bout rhymes/
You talkin’ bout millions/ Or you talking’ bout mine/
What we talkin’ bout?

With the Commission on the Future – what are we talking about?  Unfortunately, we can’t tell you.  The Student Regents and members of the Commission on the Future have already received the recommendations submitted to the Commission in the mail, but they’ve come with explicit instructions not to distribute them – until March 23rd, the day of the actual CoTF meeting.  Then all the recommendations will be made public and discussed in a public meeting.

Note: These recommendations will be interesting though, and definitely big.  Like Jay-Z’s track, you may not know exactly what he’s talking about yet, but you definitely want to listen.

The agenda for the meeting is here:

For Quick Background: The Commission on the Future is charged with shaping new reforms and concepts for a future University of California with diminishing state resources.  It is composed of five workgroups (Size and Shape, Access and Affordability, Financial Strategy, Research Strategy, Education and Curriculum).  Each of the workgroups will be submitting approx. 3 policy recommendations for consideration to the CoTF.  Those recommendations will be officially public in the March meeting, for the public to comment and consider, as well as the UC community.


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