Tk 2 – Thank You – Annual Report on Sustainability

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you/
You’re far too kind/
Hold you’re applause/
This is your song not mines/
Thank you, thank you, thank you/

University of California Sustainability programs has been some of the most successful programs at the UC in terms of creating change, and actually was greatly helped started by a Student Regent, way back in the day.  Every year the Nathan Brostrum – the Executive VP of Business Operations gives an annual report about the progress of the Sustainability programs at the UC – based off of the sustainability policy in the UC, shown here:

The policy covers 8 different policies: Green Building Design, Clean Energy Standards, Climate Protection Standards, Sustainable Transportation, Recycling and Waste Management, Procurement (Purchasing-esque), and Food Services.  Highlights, both good and bad, on this year’s work:

-UC has the most LEED Certified buildings of any University

-We have almost 15m in cost savings from energy, and 29.8m in grant funding from our energy work.

-Because of the recent AB32 cap-and-trade program, the UC may be charged for our carbon emissions, although a good number of our programs will help with those fees.

-Sierra Club has given high scores to 7 campuses for energy (like Irvine, who got a 10, zot zot!):UCSC, UCI, UCB, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, UCD

-5 campuses have not gotten any of their buildings on LEED certification for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (the buildings have already been built, but their operations and maintenance needs need to hit green): Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside.

-UCSD Medical Center (TRITONS) was the only Medical Cneter to submit a waste diversion report (how they prevent 50% of their waste from heading into landfills).

The big topic is Food Service this year – it’s a new policy, and comes with new policy regulations, including: 20% of purchased food produts should hit sustainable, 1 dining facility on each campus needs to be a green business.  The report notes that there needs to be more engagement with the policy from Medical Centers and Student Service Auxilaries (like the Starbucks on your campus, or that Panda Express – I realize that all these examples exist on Irvine’s campus, but not at Berkeley’s, and will vary across the system).

The last thing is the kinda cool things that sustainability will get you in terms of press.  67% of high school seniors say that sustainability matters when choosing their campus, and UCSB is the top green campus by

So this is a huge success on behalf of the planet, and the students who fought for these kinds of policies to be implemented on the campus!  Thank you, UC students, staff, faculty, admin who worked on this!


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