Tk 3, Untitled – Update on Campus Incidents, UCD, UCI, UCSD

I don’t think I could find a song that matches the severity of these campus incidents and what they mean for students on these campuses.  Neither do  I want to.  There have been serious threats to campus climate in these reports.  The Jay-Z song thing is a fun joke kind of deal, but these things are real, and not everything should be the subject of a joke.

The subject of this update has been extensive on this blog.  We’ve been following UCSD since the Compton Cookout facebook invite, through the noose in the Library, KKK hood, and the issue of student media.  At UC Irvine, the Ambassador of Israel, Michael Oren, recently visited, and 11 students were arrested for protesting and disrupting his speech.  At UC Davis, the LGBT Resource Center was recently vandalized with anti-gay and gay bashing graffiti.

I think it’s important to note that the incidents of hate crime (not including UC Irvine, which was more of a free speech issue) extend far past these campuses, although these are the three reporting.  We have reports from UC Riverside, UC Santa Cruz, and speaks to the systemic issues of campus climate and campus safety we have in the UC.

Also important to note that these will mostly be oral presentations by the Chancellors of these three campuses (Drake, Fox, and Katehi) – the documents provided in the materials have only been attachments, statements and documents that have already been issued.

This is definitely one of the most important, if not the most important, issue on the agenda this week, and I really encourage everybody to listen into the audio, and check the liveblog for these statements.


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