Tk 6, On To The Next One, Annual Accountability SubReport on the UC’s Admissions and Enrollments

I got a million ways to get it, choose one/
Bring it back, Bring it back/
Now double your money and make a stack/
On to the next one, on to the next one/

I want to especially note this particular statement in the report: With respect to underrepresented students, UC has shown substantial growth for Latino students, while representation of African American and Native American students remains low and has not shown growth.

Just saying.

#Ontothenextone, what someone should be looking for in this presentation is how VP of Student Affairs Sakaki addresses these following questions, from the charts and graphs of admissions data:

• What do UC application rates tell us about how Californians view the University?
• How do application rates from different kinds of students affect the composition of our student body?
• What do we learn from differences in the applications to individual campuses?
• How do policy decisions and external circumstances (e.g., budget problems, enrollment reductions, fee increases) affect applications, admissions, and enrollment?
• How can we expect applications to change after implementation of the University’s new eligibility policy?
• What is the effect, over time, of increasing selectivity (declining admission rates) at the campus level?
• What do trends in the rates at which admitted students accept offers from individual
campuses tell us about how those campuses are perceived?

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