Track 4 – D.O.A. (Death of Autotune), Update on the 2010-11 UC Budget

I know we facin a recession/
But the music yall makin gonna make it the great depression/
Ah, or your lack of aggression/

VP of Budget, Patrick Lenz, is going to report on the how the recent actions of the state are going to affect the UC Budget 2010-11.   Again, it’s significant to note that there is no actual document here in the materials, he’s just doing a report.  Probably because until May, the CA budget won’t be firmly set down on lock, and so it’ll be difficult to predict what affects it will have.  But the big points of his thing:

Possible Federal Funding to the State Budget (Governor asked for 6.9b, predictions that have been thrown around may look like 4b?).  We have 57m tied to this federal funding, as well as the decoupling of the Cal Grant.

Concerns raised by the Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) on the state budget (

Special Session the Legislature

It’s a significant item to follow, but it is just a discussion item, and also is an update, and not a firm thing.  I’m interested in hearing what he may say, however.

The second half of this may be interesting too – an update on UC Advocacy Initiatives.  He’ll actually be followed up by Regent Bernal (Student Regent) who will be talking about the student led initiatives.  He’s doing some interesting stuff in that presentation involving students, it should be good.

Really check to Dan Dooley, the VP of External Relations – the UC needs some serious advocacy pressure to Sacramento if we wanna make it out of this era intact!  Listen for strong, concrete initiatives and how students can get involved!


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